Track CashFlow and Investments

The Finances application provides an integrated set of features to help you manage your cash flow and investments. Finances is different from HomeBudget in the following ways:
  • Finances includes support for tracking investments
  • In addition to the Monthly cycle, Finances allows Weekly, Every 2 weeks, Every 4 weeks, and Semi-monthly cycles for cashflow, and uses the same cycle for all of expense, income and budget
  • Simplified Cloud Sync that automatically backs up your data, and syncs entries across multiple devices (iPhone, iPad).
  • Free for the first 100 entries, and requires monthly/yearly subscription after 100 entries
  • Currently available only on iOS

  • For cash flow, Finances supports tracking expenses and income, and includes support for budgets, accounts, payees, and bill tracking.
  • For investments, Finances supports tracking cash and stock investments and automatically fetches daily stock prices.
  • The features within Finances are well integrated such that a bill can become an expense (when you pay for it) and adjust the account balance at the same time.
  • Similarly, when you pay an expense with a credit card (the first transaction) and later pay the credit card bill (the second transaction), the credit card payment can be treated as a transfer to avoid double accounting of the expense.

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User Guide

Finances User Guide (PDF)