Mileage Logs

Track your miles for Tax and Reimbursements

Mileage Logs is a beautifully designed application that allows you to track your vehicle mileage for tax and reimbursement purposes. Once installed, it automatically captures your drives using the GPS on your mobile phone. No need to manually mark the start and stop points for your drives! For captured drives, you can classify them as business or personal with a single swipe. You also have the option to manually enter your drives.

  • automatically capture drives using GPS
  • classify drives as business or personal with one swipe
  • ability to manually add drives
  • track odometer readings automatically by vehicle
  • ability to backup application data via email
  • ability to choose the native currency
  • ability to choose between Google and Apple maps
  • ability to choose between Miles or Kilometers
  • ability to generate PDF/CSV formatted reports, by vehicle, by type, for any selected period

Download Mileage Logs